The Advance Program builds upon earlier skill levels, introducing advanced individual and team skill development. Such as: higher levels of conditioning and greater physical exertion requiring strong work ethics, mental toughness and ability to perform under pressure and fatigue. 

Cost now includes all tournament fees and tournament pay for coaches.  The cost is spread out over the course of the water polo year (Winter – Summer).  Athletes/families are still responsible for travel costs.

These athletes will participate in instate tournaments and may at the coaches discretion attend out of state tournaments. The entrance fees and coaching costs for instate competition is included but athletes may have to pay an additional fee for out of state tournaments as this is not included in the cost. The tournaments the club will attend is likely to be similar to that in 2017. The 2018 tournament list will be released shortly.

All athletes must be currently registered with USA Water Polo. 

Out of district residents are also required to pay THPRD Assessment Fees.

Sibling discount 20%

Date Events
Mon, Nov 20 - Thu, Feb 8
Winter 2017 Advance Session
The Advance group will be practicing:
Advanced / Elite tryout
-Women Mon / Wed 9-10pm Beaverton Nov 27, 29
-Men Tue / Thu 9-10pm Beaverton Nov 28, 30

Advanced: starting Dec 4th - Jan 8th?
-Mon / Thu 7:15- 9:15 Mt. Hood

We will update the times for after Jan. 8th when we have more information on THPRD's Aquatic Center reopening.

Cost is $450. If you want monthly payments, please, indicate in the notes sections. Credit Cards will be charged on the 5th of Dec, Jan, Feb.